We Are Professionals

Training in practical defensive firearm use, urban and rural tactical leadership, emergency trauma courses and survival training. Mobile training teams and train the trainer courses are available to law enforcement. Advance concealed pistol techniques courses are available to civilians and professionals.



T-shirts, and assorted gear from us. 

  • Mental Toughness

    Thrive under high pressure situations. We don't rise to the occasion with our highest level intellect. We default to our current level of training. You can rise by training better.

  • Survival

    We don't die because we run out of resources. We die because we run out of time. Learn how to get what you need in time to use it.

  • Medical

    The time will come when you are in a position to give someone life saving intervention. We will help you be ready.

  • Leadership

    Leadership is a process. Learning never stops. We emphasize leadership in all our courses.