Effective: 4/10/2022

Primal Solutions, LLC doing business as Primal Risk (Primal Solutions, Primal Risk, We, Us, Our) collects information on this site. By visiting this site, directly or via link you accept the practices described in this privacy policy.

Our website uses Shopify and their analytics. Primal Risk does not sell your information. 

Gmail is our email provider. They also collect a significant amount of data. Refer to their policy on the data they collect.  

We use other third parties in order to improve our service to you. By using this site you accept our third-party usage. 

We do not control what Shopify, Google, or other third-party providers do. Their policy, like ours, is subject to change. Please check theirs to make sure you are aware of what that entails.

What we collect.

  • Form data filled out at checkout, sign-up, account creation, etc. Which includes:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Email address
    • Phone Number
  • Payment information such as:
    • Credit card information
    • Billing address or ZIP code
    • Bank account information
  • Profile information that could include:
    • Pictures
    • Wish lists
    • Friend lists
  • Automatic information related to:
    • Cookies
    • Location
    • IP address
    • Device

This information is used to serve you, improve services, attempt to detect/prevent fraud, improve marketing and client communications.

Thank you.