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Home Defense

Home Defense

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Join us in the premier Southern California training facility located 20 minutes from downtown San Diego at ACADEMI Southwest. 

You will conduct a rigorous course of fire. You will learn to use close up defensive techniques with rifle and pistol for use in and around the home. We have Unit Solutions Training Systems which can fire marking paint rounds for use in scenario based force on force training. 

Perform friend/foe target identification in no light with your tac light. Our instructors monitoring your safety and proficiency using night vision devices. 

Get tested. We measure performance with heart rate oriented training. Our tactical performance psychologist has worked with special operations forces of all types.  Together we tailored our curriculum to give you the most value for your time in our course. 

Be prepared to tax your body and mind working with us. Ask for more information

Course information:

Class starts at 8 am and goes until 5 pm. 

Once you register we have a preferred hotel for attendees. We will push this to you after your slot is confirmed. 

Snacks, drinks, and lunch will be provided

Students need:

  • A rifle, pistol caliber carbine, or like firearm. Must be equipped with a red dot
  • sight, and tactical light
  • A pistol with tactical light
  • Holster OWB or IWB 
  • Hand held tactical light
  • Rifle sling
  • War Belt or concealed carry for two rifle and two pistol magazines
  • Tourniquet and/or complete med kit on their person (if you don't already have one contact us)

Students should be able to:

  • Comfortably, safely perform loading, unloading and reloading procedures with both rifle and pistol. This includes in low or no light conditions. 
  • Perform emergency reloads
  • Safely walk and shoot
  • Perform immediate action on a malfunction
  • Safely Transition from Rifle to Pistol.  This includes in low or no light conditions. 
  • Calmly react to very loud noises in scenarios

Conduct a shuttle run, medicine ball slams, and move a wounded person to safety who weighs approximately 160 pounds. If you cannot perform these actions or your doctor has advised against this type of strenuous activity please contact us. We will make efforts to modify the course and retain the training value. We may not be able to. This type of training is not for everyone.



-Be prepared to do physical activity in addition to drills. If a prescribed movement is not possible due to injury speak with your small group instructor.

-Positive mental attitude.

-Electronic background check

-Proof of US citizenship.


-Customer Intake

-Hold Harmless

Getting There

7685 Siempre Viva Rd
San Diego, CA 92154




-Student Checklist

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